The LovEnPeas Arabians Team consists of horse lovers who share a passion and respect for horses. They believe in mutual support and honesty. Friendship and trust are especially valuable to them and lead them towards a common goal - to create a place where animals, people and nature live in full harmony.
Piotr Kochański
Breeder and Trainer, Owner

Piotr has dealt with horses since his childhood. However, he has also practiced other sports intensively.
For a boy from Bielsko-Biala town, an easy access to Beskidy mountain slopes made skiing a sport for him. Piotr was also inspired by the staggering international successes of Wojtek Fibak, the world famous Polish tennis player, who was a hero for boys wanted to play tenis between 1970-ies and 1980-ties. Piotr devoted time in his youth to these two disciplines and trained, rode, and played as a player in sports clubs in Bielsko-Biala, and later in Kraków, at the Jagiellonian University’s AZS Sport Club tenis and ski sections, and has continued these until today.
Piotr learned about horses and the countryside from his mother's beloved uncle, with whose family he was spending his summer vacations in Brzoza Królewska, a small forester's lodge near Leżajsk, since he was a small child. His mother's uncle, a high ranked officer in the Lvov District of the Polish Home Underground Army during the II WW, had "pre-war" visions and methods which he followed while raising his five sons and Piotr, making sure that the young boys grew up to be strong, determined, respectful of people and nature men. It was there, that Peter learned what a two-wheeled carriage was, how to harness a ladder cart, and first tasted of bareback riding on his uncle's trusted drought horse. Back home during the school year, however, horseback riding required Piotr to travel more extensively. Piotr took his first steps in riding in the club of Ochaby Stud, to which he had to commute about 50 km from home. Probably due to these different reasons together Piotr dreamed of living with horses, to have constant access to them and to live with these animals every day, in his own home once in future.
These dreams came true in his adult life. When in 2003 Piotr purchased a farm located in the center of Kampinoski National Park, 34 km from the Palace of Science and Culture in Warsaw, in agreement with the Directorate of the Park he began to reorganize the farm, continuing it as a horse stud farm.
Today, after 17 years of his rural education and continued investment, still being a lawyer managing one of the biggest Polish law firms awarded nationally and internationally and among other by The Lawyer magazine with "Firm of the Year 2020 Central Europe" award - Kochanski & Partners ( in his farm "Dwór Kochań", Piotr breeds purebred Arabian horses and runs Training and Education Stables LovEnPeas Arabians founded by himself.
In LovEnPeas, with a team of trainers and riders and the managers Piotr rides his own young Arabian horses and prepares them for Endurance Rally races according to the long-term breeding and training plans.

Diana Tavera de Kochański
PZJ Competitor, Trainer, Owner

In addition to helping her husband manage the center in her free time, Diana also trains and competes. Although her sporting adventure with horses (apart from her early beginnings in her native Colombia) began recently, she has already achieved her first successes in sports horse rallies.
In the spring of 2023, in the regional competition in Ciosny, in a 20 km rally, in class L, Diana Tavera de Kochański on her beloved 7-year-old mare Gambia (Kazbek - Greka), took 2nd place, achieving an excellent average speed of 13 .53 km/h, with the maximum permissible speed in this class being 14 km/h. Another month of competitions and in July 2023, horses trained at LovEnPeas will storm the podium at the Regional Competition in Walewice, organized there as part of the Polish Championships in Sports Horse Rallies. Diana Tavera de Kochański in Gambia won silver in the P class 50 km competition. In August 2023, at the Regional Competition in Olsztyn Juraski, Diana in Gambia took 3rd place in class P over 40.8 km. At the National Competition (CEN) held simultaneously with the Polish Young Horse Championships, also in Gambia, she won the gold medal in class N, over a distance of 81.5 km. The pair won the competition with an average speed of 15.06 km/h and a maximum speed of 16 km/h, for which Gambia, in addition to the gold, received the trophy for the Fastest Horse of the National Competition (CEN).

Leon Kochański
Rider, Horse Groom

Leon, for 11 years of his life, has always been with horses. As a tiny boy, he was fascinated and thoroughly enjoyed riding on the back of Zorro, a black Shetland pony that he became enamored with and remembered for a lifetime. In the sporty, all-round training for children at Training and Education Stables LovEnPeas Arabians, Leon has been participating since the summer of 2017. Leon can already lead a horse well in three gaits, and his increasingly bold and confident gallops on our Oreo or Walnut Sabrann inspire joy and appreciation from those around him. In LovEnPeas Leon is a Pony Supervisor and a rider being prepared for sporting achievements, and if he decides that competing in equestrian events is really what he wants and needs, he has all the possibilities in here. Besides, Leon's dream is to organize a larger group of children, united by their fascination and love for horses, who would train together in the spirit of STS LovEnPeas Arabians and according to its training program for the youngest.

Maria Filipska
PZJ Competitor, Trainer

Adrian Drobek
Trainer, Groom