(Kazbek x Greka)
mare, bay, 2016-04-20

Breeder: Agnieszka Wójtowicz (PL)
Owner: Piotr Kochański
Sire line: Latif 1903
Dam line: Gazella ~1840


Racing career

Kazbek Benedick   Dormane  
Kazna   Anchar  
Greka   Major   Batyskaf  
Gwarka   Monogramm  
Gambia is one of two daughters of the Russian Kazbek in our stable. Kazbek, bred at the famous Khrenovoe Stud in Russia (known for the fact that it was there that Count Orlov bred the Orlovsky Chub in the 18th century and that it was there, after the restoration of the stud, that the main state breeding of Russian Arabians participating in the country's racing program was located in 1980) has been widely used in Polish private breeding. Kazbek is a winner of named prizes in Poland i.e. European, Białka, Pierrot, Comet and Ofir prizes and placed at the top of Group I and II at the tracks in Pyatigorsk and Moscow, Russia. His pedigree carries the strength and speed of his Russian dam by the very brave on Polish and Russian tracks Anchar and the French Dormane-Manganate sire line.
Gambia's half-siblings were characterized by considerable bravery and show success. Her sister Good Dynasty by Kazbek placed well in every race of the 2020 season in which she competed, well run by Doris Race and Zahrina. Gambia's mather, Greka - second in Sabellina race, is a granddaughter of Major that won twice all three - European, Janów and Comparative races and a half-sister to Gran, the winner of Sasanka and Sarmatia races.
Greka undoubtedly adds a lot of beauty to Gambia's pedigree - her half-siblings include such horses as Gentleman - Bronze Medal in Biala, later sold to the Arab Emirates - where he scored a Silver Medal at the national show, and was a class winner in Abu Dhabi or 5th in the prestigious show in Dubai, or the filly Gigi Girl - 5th in Biala and Radom. Whereas Gambia's sister after Greka - Gracy, gave birth to the bronze medalist of the Biala 2019 show - the very handsome colt Gerry. Gambia, a tall, dewy mare with her over 160 cm, has made three races in 2019. Currently the mare, a very strong and sensitive horse, extremely soft carrying, is participating in LovEnPeas in endurance training.