2021 LovEnPeas Endurance Rallies Schedule

We have been engaged in the process of planning the 2021 season of Lovenpeas Endurance Rallies Sezon. If only pandemic regimes allow we are preparing for the sezon while planning to organize up to three Lovenpeas Endurance Rallies in LL, L and P or even in N classes. For a limited number of participants, riding in the Kampinoski National Park along our beautiful, forestial paths shall be your memorable, truly sporty experience.
Please, keep visiting our web page and Facebook page to monitor all relevant information there to follow.

Welcome to the world!

At night, on May 29, 2020, PinoCcina was born. Daughter of Pinotage, a great thoroughbred mare with a sports career, and the famous stallion Caccini, unbeaten on Polish tracks at the age of three and four. Just a few hours after the birth, we could say that she would be an exceptionally bright mare. She’s going to grow up calmly under the best care, in the stables and paddocks of LovEnPeas.