Breeding & Sport

The breading has been carried out on a 25 hectare Agricultural Farm “Dwor Kochań”, in a village of Kepiaste, located within the second largest in Poland „Kampinoski” National Park, in the Leszno commune, Warszawa Zachodnia district.
The Farm has been established by Piotr Kochański, a horse lover and rider, the lawyer, founder of the Law Firm Kochanski & Partners ( ) and an investor.
The breeding strategy has been developed and run along with the concept of a Training and Education Stables LovEnPeas Arabians.

At LovEnPeas the basic assumption and justification for conducting and developing breeding of Arabian horses is a special feature of these horses, which, if they are treated well and given respect and tenderness, can help modern man maintain or regain contact with his often lost emotionsi, and thus raise the cognitive capabilities, adaptive abilities and creation of man to a higher level. The founder of LovEnPeas Arabians and his friends employed therein maintain, that their horses help them to conduct their live this way along with the concept of LovEnPeas.

At LovEnPeas, horses are kept in well-designed, purpose-built stables and use riding facilities, including a large 50m x 80m parkour with a modern surface, a spacious indoor riding arena with arena dimensions of 20m x 40m, a race track with two straights 550 m long and a total length of 1,300 m, an 850m-long training track, roofed but open-wall round-pen and a 6 horses carousel, and smaller training maneges and roofed riding arena. LovEnPeas operates modern, spacious and clean stables, brick enclosed and wooden English-type with a total of 40 stalls.

Piotr Kochański
"...Dwor Kochan and STS LovEnPeas Arabians are, together, a place where in the shadow of the great Polish state breedings we conduct specialized breeding of Polish Arabian horses, the so-called Pure Polish. Our breeding criteria have adopted the standard of a large, tall and strong, beautiful and brave horse, such as the Pure Polish Arabian horse was historically, from the beginning.

We hope that our achievements will be a benchmark for Arabian horse in Poland. We develop our breeding plan meticulously for the next 10 years, concentrating on the possibilities stemming from our breeding and training method, in order to keep active, including participating in sport, healthy horses with outstanding pedigrees coming from ancestors with confirmed sport results. We plan to foal up to two mares per year.

At LovEnPeas, after weaning, foals enter a stress-free yearling and two-year-old play and training schedule, and in subsequent years we begin training cycles with them until their first competitions.

Our intention is to introduce into sport horses already prepared to work, without unnecessary, psychologically destructive loads. By training young horses we help them to build strong, fit bodies, increase their health and fitness, bring out their strength and stamina to prepare them to cooperate with humans and eventually compete in equestrian events such as Sport Horse Rallies, Flat and Hurdle Races, Show Jumping and Eventing.

Our horses, whose exterior we consider to be outstanding, are are preparing for Breeding Shows.

We want Dwór Kochań and STS LovEnPeas Arabians to be a place where the care and focus on individual horses, their breeding and training takes place according to precisely thought-out and implemented breeding and training plans. ..."