Four Seasons At LovEnPeas

1. Autumn, 2020


2. Summer, 2022


To be continued: Spring, 2024 / Winter, 2026
Training and Education Stables LovEnPeas Arabians is a carefully run small business that promotes the idea of building good social relationships based on high standards, values, good emotions and in harmony with Nature.

STS LovEnPeas Arabians operates on the premises of the farm "Dwór Kochań", which has been run by Piotr Kochański since 2003. It is a place where modern breeding and training of purebred Arabian horses is carried out.

The emotion in the name LovEnPeas is symbolized by the word "Love" i.e. love, affection. Nature in the name is symbolized by the word "Peas" - a green peas. The name of the stud was construed a little bit opposite to popular and well played off "Love&Peace", notwithstanding the idea of peace was on the horizon for the creators and propagators of the stud’s name as the highest goal - as a value that allows individuals, families and whole tribes of people to live, and which is necessary to cultivate freedom of a man surrounded by animals in nature.

By nature here is meant man's natural habitat as a refuge for flora and fauna, including happy horses.

Since its foundation, 1840 large trees have been planted at "Dwor Kochan" farm according to the precise project, the arrangement of which is documented in the farm's park planting catalog.

We should all uncompromisingly protect nature, especially in times of climate catastrophe, which we can oppose indeed by planting trees.